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February 08, 2022 - BY Admin

Corona Virus, Lockdown And Street Animals

Life itself was running at its own stride. People were running, falling, getting up and kept moving. It looked like nobody is ready to halt and everybody had to win somebody. It looked like the world itself was contending against the universe. It looked like people were challenging against its own creation to be the superior power in this planet. It looked like the living being could factually eat another living being to satisfy their hunger for wealth, power and position and then CORONA happened.

Corona Virus famously known as COVID-19 came as a new year gift to the living being; the gift that nobody wanted, nobody desired and nobody willing to accept. This occurred and made us to sit still and think of all the mistakes that we did against the god, “the nature”. The wrong doing of human against the animals has brought this situation where people are locked inside the house where animals are finally able to be free on the planet which once solely belonged to them.

The lockdown situation has created a havoc among each living being and a mess is indescribable. As a mindful living being, we humans are running to save ourselves and still trying to satisfy our hunger and fight for ourselves and our near ones. But we are as usual forgetful about the innocent being who are left in the street. We often forget to question ourselves the question which needs an answer. Who would care about the abandoned street animals? Who would look unto them and feel empathetic? Who would think that they must be starving to death and could look upon us in expectation to get single piece of bread?

Life of street animals has always been a mess and this lockdown situation has even worsened their situation. If we humans think from empathetic point of view, we are literally a demon in their eyes. We have always been using animals until there is a single flesh and bones needed by us and then we leave them to die starving when they are of no use. People had and always have treated animals as just a food and materials that can be ‘used’.

Street Animals in developing countries like Nepal are very much loathed and hated by general public. As the world is going through pandemic and it is a global emergency situation, these street animals like everybody are now waiting for the lockdown to be over but the expectation is in different direction. Humans will again be running and competing for wealth, power and position whilst animals awaits their fate to be able to eat the garbage out of human’s trash. They are waiting for people to throw a piece of leftover bread or unused food on them, with which they can satisfy their hunger.

UNLOVED, UNWANTED AND UNWELCOMED these street animals in developing countries have a fate that is ruled, powered and misused by so called HUMANS. They are looking for a rescuer who can rescue them out of the sludge shit and provide the care and support they actually deserve.

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